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Strength in Numbers

Make a difference in the lives of children with disabilities

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This is how too many families raising children with disabilities feel. Alone in meeting mounting financial burdens. Alone in dealing with emotional turmoil. Alone in providing opportunities for their children to prosper.

Tell these families: You are not alone. I'm with you.

Together, we can give:

  • A child the wheelchair her family couldn't afford
  • A caregiver his first hour off in three years
  • A child a space to play and feel like he belongs
  • A parent a shoulder to lean on for support

Lollipop Kids Foundation has been committed to providing services that meet these needs and more. In recent months, the demand for our services and programs has skyrocketed. We realized that we too, cannot do it alone. We cannot continue to offer our services at this level without the help of our community.